Thompson created his own lexicon of what Google’s Alphabet stands for in a speech. He said: A is for Avarice, B is for Bowdlerize, through to K for Kleptocracy, P for Piracy and Z for Zealotry."

He said: "The distributionists do indeed have powerful distribution channels -- Google and Facebook. None of them actually create content, and they certainly have little intention of paying for it, but they do redistribute the content created by others. They would argue that such redistribution is a natural extension of their role as social networks. I would argue that much of the redistribution is an unnatural act."




Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. and Google are less frenemies and more the-minute-I-see-you-my-blood-pressure-goes-crazies.There shouldn’t be too much surprise, therefore, that News Corp. CEO Robert Thompson isn’t moved by Google’s new Alphabet.

Thompson believes that Google represents a leech on the hard work of those who try to create original content, only to have it purloined by Google’s sharing, Web-controlling ways.He explained: "The words intellectual property don’t appear in the Google alphabet. "


汤姆森在一次演讲中对谷歌成立的Alphabet母公司进行了解释。他说:“A代表Avarice(贪婪),B代表Bowdlerize(删改),K代表 Kleptocracy(腐败),P代表Piracy(盗版),Z代表Zealotry(狂热)。”

鲁伯特·默多克(Rupert Murdoch)的新闻集团和谷歌公司不再亦友亦敌,而是“看到对方就会血脉喷张”。因此对于谷歌最新成立的Alphabet公司,新闻集团CEO 罗伯特·汤姆森(Robert Thompson)不为所动,实在不足为奇。

No one wants to pay for content anymore because very few people have chosen to pay for it for quite some time. There is at least one generation now that believes news is free by definition. I have contacted Google to ask how it feels to be accused of being the Thievery Corporation. I will update, should I hear.But Thompson could only offer more depressing thoughts.


Some might sniff that it’s a pity traditional media companies decided to give their content to it for free. This tended to devalue it before the likes of Google began to spread it further. Thompson prefers to accuse Google and its ilk of quite filthy behavior.

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